Building a better world together has been our driving force for a very long time. We believe that the built environment can always be safer, healthier and more sustainable, so that people can live and work healthily and comfortably. That we must keep the impact on the environment and natural resources as low as possible while we do so goes without saying.

Tangible results

Fortunately, developments in the field of sustainability are evolving rapidly. As far as we are concerned, they can’t develop fast enough, which is why we are often the first to pick up innovations. And the results are good. Whereas it was our first BREEAM Excellent building and our first zero-on-the-meter house that we took pride in a few years ago, we have since started building a completely gas-free neighbourhood.

And we have also started working on the developments due to take place in five and ten years’ time. From big data to the latest technologies to save energy: we’re doing all the brainwork now so that we can take great strides later.

The installer as the coordinator: you’ll be seeing more and more of it

Integrated approach

Our own sustainability knowledge base, an internal sustainability programme, financial models that we have developed in-house, practical options models for our clients to choose from, ultra-smart installations… these are but a few of the ways in which we take sustainability as the starting point. Right down to the smallest details.

Our integrated approach is crucial to this. In the process, construction and installation technology work hand in hand for the most sustainable result. We are convinced that it is precisely in installation technology that great progress can still be made. The installer as the coordinator: you’ll be seeing more and more of it. At our company at any rate.