Renovations and conversions often involve complicated processes in which many decisions have to be made. So we don’t believe in ready-made solutions. What we do believe in is renovation and conversion processes that offer unique solutions for each part of the project. Only then is it possible to make the most of our past heritage, present reality and future prospects.

The route that we follow, incidentally, is well established. That’s how we create clarity and we ensure that technology and products are not the input in the process, but the outcome.

We are confident enough to raise the bar higher

Renovation and conversions require more than technical knowledge and know-how; they also require creativity and flexibility. Whether it concerns converting a utility building, making residential properties sustainable or replacing bathroom facilities, we understand that being solution oriented can make the difference: for you and the occupant or tenant.

It goes without saying that a lot of our work involves MEAT tenders, i.e., the most economically advantageous tender. We are confident enough to raise the bar even higher than expected. Whatever the tender may involve, aspects such as life expectancy, sustainability and communications with the occupants (occupant satisfaction) are all essential as far as we are concerned. We are not prepared to make concessions in this respect. Those who build for the future must be prepared to invest in the future. Particularly when it concerns renovation or redevelopment.