Take change-over maintenance, for instance. When a rental house is vacated, it has to be ready for occupation for the next tenant as soon as possible. The same applies to a company that vacates its rented business premises. We prefer to attend the meeting when notice is given so that we can draw up an inventory of the state of repair and give an estimate of the required work at the same time.

Doing repair work calls for even more flexibility. Say a tenant reports that a roof tile has blown off, or the back door is broken, or there is some other malfunction that requires quick action. We will call the tenant or occupant with 24 hours of reporting to make an appointment. We ask them SMART questions: everyone can answer them and they give us valuable information about the equipment and materials we need to resolve the issue.

The customer’s customer is also our customer

The customer’s customer is also our customer. The tenant or occupant of a house or business premises is therefore the person that we focus on. After all, if this person is happy with the quality that we provide, then you as the client will be too.

Apart from maintenance and management, we also do ad hoc work. From refurbishing business premises to one-off extension or alteration projects: we handle them with the same care we give to all the other work that we do.