Lean building is embedded in virtually all the components of our construction processes. We apply the following five steps to all of our processes:

  1. Define customer value – What do we want to do?
  2. Identify processes – How are we going to do it? What unnecessary work can we cut out?
  3. Eliminate wastage – How can we create optimum flow?
  4. Demand-driven operations (‘pull’) – How can we get the right balance between supply and demand for work and materials so that we do the right thing at the right time?
  5. Strive for perfection – How can we do things better tomorrow?

Make the world a little bit better each and every day

Lean Six Sigma

Whereas lean building puts the focus on speed and efficiency, the Six Sigma philosophy aims at quality. Based on statistics and research, we rise above individual projects and we explore how we can improve processes structurally. By continuing to develop our business operations strategically, we work towards consistency.

Because we have embraced Lean Six Sigma, we contribute the most we can to successful projects and satisfied clients. But perhaps even more important than this is our ultimate objective: to make the world a little bit better each and every day.