Developing buildings is probably the greatest thing there is, whether commissioned by fellow property developers, municipalities or corporations. Together we help to shape their ideas, their wishes and their requirements. From exploring the market to final delivery: we are closely involved in all the phases. And, to ensure that we get the best possible results, we prefer to get involved from the word go.

The property market holds no secrets for us, but real estate is generally not our clients’ core business. Because we are very well aware of that, we always take them through our development plan step by step. We use BIM for this as a centralised, transparent and well-organised source of information.

Sustainability is an important factor in all our projects. And just as important: we always bear the environment in mind. By taking a clever, good and functional approach to spaces, we have been able to develop and implement the most extraordinary projects in the past. As far as that goes, our portfolio speaks for itself really.

Developing buildings is probably the greatest thing there is

At Hendriks we often say to ourselves: developing is so much fun. This is where all the disciplines in our profession come together. Not only do our staff have all the required competences, they also have the drive to live up to our promises.