For almost one hundred years we have been devoting our knowledge to getting a better and more beautiful living and working environment. We used to do this alone most of the time, but nowadays we’ve been joining forces with our partners in the chain. More so than ever before, construction is something you do together.

From design through to the management phase, we get maximum value for our clients by collaborating with our partners. It goes without saying that we are an important source of knowledge, but our partners are too. It is partly for this reason that we see our chain partners as our own colleagues.

In all our construction work, exchanging knowledge, innovation and co-creation are pivotal. Dome-X is a physical place that we developed where we focus on facilitating and encouraging collaboration. Every day, a wide range of companies and organisations come together to work with us on structural solutions for the future: from prototypes to complete business cases.

More so than ever before, construction is something you do together

Therefore, in our vision, innovation in construction is much more than improving something that already exists. Because, after all, why can’t it be something new? As a provider of a full range of services, we aim for products and services that others do not (yet) provide. This is how we can ensure that we will continue to create the best buildings in the long term too.