Because we view the buyers as partners in each stage of the construction process, we confer with them from the word go. We don’t wait for them to start the conversation, we take the initiative.

Even before the building process begins, we listen very carefully to what it is the buyers want and require. We also help them with smart solutions for their own personal design wishes. And once the building starts, we will continue to constantly keep in touch. Communication is what oils the cogs in every process.

For us, it’s not enough to just enter into dialogue

A product that comes from focusing on dialogue is the Hendriks Huismerk Woning (Hendriks Private Label Home). Using our software, we help (and encourage) buyers to make the right choices, for instance, with virtual reality and augmented reality. The result: a house that is a great place to live in. Now and in the future.

Thanks to our integrated approach, buyers always know exactly what the implications of their choices are when it comes to sustainability, comfort and price. That way, no one is confronted with unpleasant surprises.