Our CSR efforts revolve around the themes of People, the Planet and Profit, and we try to embed them in our daily operations. This is how we take initiatives that are extraordinary at first and turn them into standard practice. From sustainable construction and knowledge sharing to staff satisfaction and environmental management: each and every year, we raise the bar.


The approach we use in our external projects focuses on letting others do what they do well. That is why we are often involved at the start of initiatives that can make a real difference. For instance, we were the founding father of the Winterland event, main sponsor of the Maasdijk Marathon and the Oss Cultural Foundation.

But the best example is probably our involvement in local football club TOP Oss. As the main sponsor, we and the club offer the stage to a charity at every home game. By doing so, we help others in their efforts to take care of society.


When it comes to being involved in society, we give precedence to local initiatives. This way we contribute to the living environment of the people with whom and for whom we usually work.