By the time we celebrate our centennial, we want to be the most innovative construction and installation company in the Netherlands. And to be the best employer to work for in our sector. These are two ambitions that are well matched, because we can only become the most innovative company if we look after our staff as best we can, so that they get the most out of themselves every single day.

But we need other people to help us achieve this. Clients, construction partners and suppliers, for instance, as well as future residents and users. After all, what does ‘most innovative’ mean if you don’t know exactly what the market needs?

Call to action

That is why we are calling on everyone with a challenge (or a potential solution) concerning sustainable, healthy, safe and comfortable living. Let us know what it is, challenge us:

We are here to help you think things through, preferably together with one of our many knowledge partners. You know how it is: alone you can go faster, together you can go further.

Onwards and upwards: 2022 and beyond!